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6 Simple Tips to Climb Harder in 2019

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Taking your climbing to the next level can sometimes feel overly complicated; however, it is quite simple. Climbing is a mental as well as physical sport, so I will go over some short, and simple mental and physical tips to help you crush in 2019.

Mental Tips:

- Focus, Focus, Focus. On yourself, on your climb, and on the next move. Don't worry about the others at the gym, or what they will think if you fall or look weird on the wall. Once you start climbing just FOCUS.

- Prepare before you Climb. Climbing is so much easier when you have a plan and know what you're expecting on the wall. So take the time before you get on a climb, look at it and come up with a plan about how you are going to climb it. Being prepared helps you; climb quicker, more efficiently, climb harder grades, and be more relaxed and comfortable on the wall.

- Watch And Learn From The Top Climbers. Spend time watching and learning from the top climbers in the world, like Adam Ondra, Shauna Coxsey, Sean McColl, etc. Watch how they move their body on the wall, how they toehook, how they commit, their footwork, and watch their eyes. You can learn SO much from these athletes by merely putting in the effort.

Physical Tips:

- Drive With Your Toes: The longer you climb, the more you realize and learn that climbing all starts with your hips, legs and toes. Learning how to place that toe correctly, how to apply pressure through the toe and use it to pull your body up the wall. I'm still perfecting this skill but learned about a year ago when I was only my local gym's climbing team. We spent a lot of time focusing on good footwork so we could climb more efficiently.

- Practice Footwork Early And Often. You should be training footwork all the time because it can truly be the one thing that is holding you back from improving. Footwork is one of the pillars of climbing. Also, you should be training it early in your session before you get tired and have bad body tension. You want to be fresh and not weak when training footwork so you can practice doing it with great form. The goal is amazing form all the time when practising and improving footwork.

- Don't Forget To Breathe. Forgetting to breathe can be so easy. Remembering to breathe when trying hard on the wall can be the difference between sticking the crux and falling yet again. Oxygen is essential to your body so when you get tense and don't breathe for a long period of time you lose your power quickly. So make sure before you get on the wall to breathe and get in the cycle of breathing so when you get on the wall you continue to breathe. Also, another thing that helps is having someone reminding you to breathe throughout the climb, can help a lot sometimes.

I hope you apply these tips in 2019 and take your climbing to the next level. Climbing is a fantastic sport, and the key to progressing is learning little tips along the journey and applying them. Articles will be coming your way more frequently so if you want to know when more blog articles get released, go to the BOTTOM OF THE PAGE, and SUBSCRIBE to know precisely when I publish another article. Have a great rest of your day! (:

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