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HOW TO: Dyno like a Pro

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

The most popular question I have been asked has by far been about how to do dynos and asking what the proper technique is. So today I will help you improve your dynamic climbing skills. There is a lot of misinformation on the internet about the proper technique to dyno. Before I get into it I want to clarify what I mean by "dyno" when I use that word in the article I mean doing a move where you jump and your whole body comes unattached from the wall.

Start with your Legs

Just like all of climbing, doing dynos or dynamic climbing all starts with your legs. The biggest mistake climbers make is not sinking into their legs, then using their legs to stand up and jump. If you just pull with your arms you aren't going to be able to dyno at all.

Get Momentum

This tip goes with the last one, you need to do sink into your legs get some momentum then explode through your legs to get maximum distance. Also, if you don't use your feet and just pull with your arms you aren't going to be able to generate the momentum needed to dyno.

Pull Hard

As dynos get harder or bigger you are going to need to get every little inch of reach. One way to get a few more inches of distance is by pulling really hard and commiting to the dyno. Some people are so focused on the hold they are going to and forget to pull hard on the hold the are jumping from.


This might be the hardest part of dynos. It all comes down to commitment. If you are do everything above but then do not commit to the move you won't stick it. You have to commit 100% to the move and do all of the above then you have a chance.


Dynos are a hard move to flash or do on your first try. They generally take a couple tries to get the feel of the move. Most times people don't commit on their first attempt because they are scared of the move if you can push through that fear it gives you a much better chance of doing a dyno first try.

Be Careful

Caution though, make sure you are smart with what dynos you try, don't put your body in a dangerous position if you were to fall. Make sure you think about how your body might fall if your foot slips or the hold you go to spins. Be smart about which dynos you try.

Dynos are a tricky technique to master and just like other climbing techniques take a long time to become great at. If you implement and master the tips above you will improve your dyno skills, but the more often you do them the more comfortable you will be with them. When you get better at them they can be some of the most enjoyable climbing moves possible.

Like I always say if you want to climb harder you gotta climb smarter. If you have any questions; go down to the bottom of the page and comment below, go to my Instagram and shoot me a direct message, or send me an email. I'd love to answer your questions and or just say hi.

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