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HOW TO: Have the Perfect Rest Day

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

I know you remember when you started climbing and wanted to be at the climbing gym or crag all day everyday, and not go to work or school. Then some where along the line you heard that rest days are a must if you want to get stronger and not get injured. (unless today is that day for you) Rest days are the key to turn all your hard work and training into RESULTS. Because if you train really hard and don't rest then you are not going to be climbing harder stuff and will get injured for sure. So today I will talk you through the perfect rest day.

What to Eat:

Quality Food! This including protein, carbs and fat at every meal. With "quality foods" i mean foods that contain plenty of micro-nutrients, the so called "super foods",  you can take a look at this nutrient density chart to help you out. Try to avoid processed foods such as ready made meals and most fast foods. For carbs, choose plant-based carbohydrate, such as veggies and natural sources of carbohydrates. For your protein, choose fish, eggs, nuts, olives, avocado and don't forget to have some non processed meats. (not that fried chicken your roommate brought back)

What to Do:

Do some light stretching and some foam rolling if you have one. If your core isn't sore do some short INTENSE core workouts throughout your day to make sure your always improving your core which is so critical to taking your climbing to the next level. Make sure you are moving around and not just sitting on a couch all day. A cardio session would also do great for decreasing your feeling of soreness. A cold shower or bath also helps. The temperature does not need to be freezing. For only a maximum of 10 minutes.

What to Drink:

WATER! lots of water, you want to make sure your hydrated not just when you are working hard but also when you are recovering. You want to eliminate alcohol when you want maximum recovery from a climbing session. Also you don't want to be drinking sugary or processed drinks. Your goal should be to only drink water when you want to recover and perform at your best.

What to Watch:

Climbing videos! If you have the time and don't have something else you should be doing watch climbing videos and learn as much as you can from others. You would be surprised how much you can learn if you study and really watch how pros and really strong climbers move their hips and body to stay in control when most people can't. Body positioning and control are one of the keys to becoming a GREAT climber. So don't watch videos just once watch them over and over and each time try to study a different movement or part of the video.

So if you follow everything in this article you will be recovering faster than ever and seeing the results in your climbing in no time. Like I always say if you want to climb harder you gotta climb smarter. If you have ANY questions go down to the bottom of the page and comment it below or go to my Instagram and shoot me a DM or send me an email. I'd love to answer your questions and or just say hi.

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