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HOW TO: Use Confidence to Send More

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

You might be missing this one thing which could cause you to not improve in climbing, confidence. If you lack confidence when you are climbing, it can drastically affect how you climb. You want to go into each attempt with a positive mindset; If you go into it expecting to fall or not excited to try the sequence, you won't climb to the best of your ability. Climbing with confidence isn't talked about enough and is critical to performing at your limit.

For example, a few weeks ago I had just finished an eight-hour work shift starting at 4:30 in the morning and was getting off at 12:30 and headed straight to the climbing gym to try the new boulders with my climbing crew. I was tired, but my excitement made me super stoked to get there as soon as possible to try them.

My climbing crew had already been there for an hour and were only climbing for another 30-45 minutes. Because of this when I got there, I immediately grabbed my chalk bucket and shoes, then walked to the bouldering area without doing my typical warmup upstairs in the fitness area. I did very brief stretching and got on the new climbs starting at the V0's and getting my body warmed up.

I was just so stoked to get to try the climbs and be hanging out with my crew that I didn't really rest enough and just kept working up the grades. I did this so I could catch up to where everyone else was and try the harder boulders, especially the new V8 that was my style and looked amazing.

I continued to warm up and had flashed some V5's and was too stoked to wait to try the V8, so I gave it a flash go, and then fell on the first committing move. Not really affected, I had a short rest then got that move and was able to start making some links quickly. About five tries later I basically had all the moves done and go for the send.

So stoked to finish the climb off I manage to stick the crux and send the climb. It wasn't the prettiest, my core wasn't very tight and hesitated on some of the moves, but managed to get the send.

The reason I tell this story is because the main reason I sent that climb was the confidence and fun I was having climbing it. I wanted to remind you that climbing is fun and if you come in with confidence and a mindset of enjoying the process that's when you will climb at your best.

If you guys have any questions or want to get in touch with me, I'd love to talk and answer any questions you have. The best way to get in touch with me is through the comments below or Direct Message me on Instagram. (https://www.instagram.com/chalked.climber/)

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