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The One Thing That Determines How Strong of a Climber You Are

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

How great you are at Climbing, and almost all sports comes down to how hard you are willing to work. Some people are talented and don't have to work as hard as others, but I'm not talking about compared to others. If you want to be the best climber you can be you need to be ready to put a lot of hard work in to achieve that goal. But if you want to be like 80% of the best climber you can be then you won't have to work quite as hard. If you only put in some work, you can't complain that you aren't the best climber you can be, because you simply didn't put in the work.

We often get discouraged or lose sight of our goals because we see others and think, "hey, they can do that so much easier or without as much work like me." Which shifts the focus from being the best climber I can be, to well I'll never be as good as him/her, so I guess I just won't try to improve. So focus on your progress and putting in the amount of work to match your goals and enjoy the process.

That's another issue; we forget to enjoy the process of training and stepping up our skills. We need to find ways to make sure we are having fun along the way; We don't need to enjoy everything but need to make sure we are enjoying the process overall. Sometimes training is just putting in some hard work, but having an occasional fun, light session with friends makes all the difference.

In conclusion, we need to put the work in to match our goals and enjoy the process. Climbing is an incredible sport, and it is a fantastic feeling to see progress; so find a group of friends and get to work on meeting your climbing goals.

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