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5 Things Every Climber Should do to Improve Their Climbing

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Everyone who has got into climbing has probably had the thought, " how can I improve my climbing?" I know I did when I first got into climbing and still have that thought almost daily. Improving can be really hard when you don't know what you should be doing. So I will be sharing what I think every climber should be doing to improve.

Set Goals

Setting goals are what helps you not get stuck in a plateau and helps keep you stoked on climbing and taking your climbing to the next level. You are much more likely to improve when you define what improving looks like for you. You may never want to climb V15 outdoor but would rather improve your climbing stamina so you can enjoy climbing with your friends for longer, or maybe you want to be able to do super cool dynos for your Instagram account. Everyone's goals will probably be different but defining your goals is the starting line to improve.

Working on the Fundamentals

Once you are a V5 climber doesn't mean it's time for you to stop working on foot switches or sinking into your legs. Everyone should be working on the basic techniques of climbing because when you stop practising them you will notice it affecting your climbing. You will start using your arms more than your legs, you will overgrip, and you will have sloppy footswitches. So I suggest working on your technique in your warmup to help you keep a solid base to build off to help you improve as a climber.

Working on your Weaknesses

Weaknesses are not always fun to train and work on, because sometimes it can be embarrassing or frustrating. Becoming a great well-rounded climber isn't an easy thing otherwise everyone would be one. So if you want to keep improving you have to be willing to put the work in and turn your weaknesses into your strengths.

Learning from Other Climbers

Even if you are a V10 climber there's always something you can learn from watching other people climb. You should always be watching others climb and see how they move their hips, shift their weight around, how they relax or tense up on the wall, and what beta they use on climbs. Never try to improve all by yourself, don't be afraid to ask other climbers who you know are stronger how they do certain movements or climbs. Most climbers would love to help you out with beta or some technique, climbing is a social sport so don't be afraid to ask others.

Enjoy Climbing

I know it sounds cheesy but if you really get yourself worked up on grades and only trying to get your first V7, it's easy to lose sight of why you are climbing in the first place. You probably got hooked on climbing for a reason, remember that reason and don't forget to enjoy climbing.

I tried to keep this article short so I didn't get to everything but these are a great starting point for everyone to help improve your climbing and get to that next level. Climbing is an amazing sport full of great joy when you get that feeling of improvement. Plateaus can be very frustrating but most times a mindset change can help you improve.

Like I always say if you want to climb harder you gotta climb smarter. If you have any questions; go down to the bottom of the page and comment below, go to my Instagram and shoot me a direct message, or send me an email. I'd love to answer your questions and or just say hi.

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